Today we visited the BMW Welt and the BMW Factory.  If you don’t want to buy a BMW then we suggest that you stay away from all BMW facilities in Munch.  The presentations and tours were so well done, we had several students inquire about purchasing one of the many amazing models on-site.

We started out in BMW Welt (BMW World for the English speakers out there).  This building was awe inspiring.  Designed by architects Coop Himmelb(l)au for BMW Group, the facility was constructed from August 2003 through summer 2007. Originally conceived to be open and ready for World Cup 2006, it eventually opened on October 17, 2007, and deliveries commenced on October 23, 2007. This is where BMW showcases new models and delivers cars (and an amazing purchasing experience) to its customers.

Among the showcases were:

Following BMW World, we went for a tour of the BMW production facilities.  With up to 80% automation on the car assembly lines, the tour was not only interesting, it was downright amazing.  There were literally 200 robot arms moving, welding, glue-ing and measuring pieces of new BMW cars.  The robot arms also painted the cars.  Watching the cars get assembled was like a scene from the Matrix.

We were also lucky to have seen a BMW motorcycle in action.  He drove up and down the stairs inside BMW World.  A description does not do this justice so here is a video:

Until Tomorrow,
Anju, Thai, Patti & Sean

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One Response to BMW!!!

  1. LeQuan says:

    Saweeet! I’m so jealous! What an experience this must’ve been. Not sure if it’s just my phone, but I don’t see any video attached here. Try again later on my computer. Thanks for sharing! Hey Anju 😀

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