Au Revoir Strasbourg, Guten Tag Koblenz

Today, we toured the European Parliament.  We were in awe of the elaborate building and impressed by the various structures within. We learned that the design of the building is very deliberate in its incorporation of symbolisms throughout. For example, the top of the building is kept incomplete to show that there is always room for improvements in the European Parliament’s work. The Stairs of Honour, which is a double helix staircase, symbolizes life and order. After a brief stroll around the main areas, we were taken into the chamber itself. This is where all the political parties gather to discuss and make important decisions for the 27 countries that are a part of the European Parliament. Last but not least, we had the honor to meet Mr. Otmar Philipp, Direction Generale de la Communication. Thank you for talking to us and answering our questions.

After our fabulous tour, we left Strasbourg, France and headed to Koblenz, Germany. Guten Tag!! We will be spending the next 6 days here and are looking forward to more fabulous learning experiences. Stay tuned!

Gute Nacht – Patricia, Thai, Anju and Sean

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